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It is very valuable for us to be able to carry out our work in your commercial areas. We fully understand the value and sense of belonging that these spaces have; as well as the importance of the work that means keeping them impeccable for their clients. We are happy to work with all kinds of projects; whether commercial premises, terraces, patios, rooftops, among others. What is really important is that you are happy and pleased with our work, quality products, ingenuity and responsibility.


Apartments Complexes

Our work team is ready and fully trained to take your ideas to the next level. Let us innovate and make your apartments a unique and special place. We have the artificial grass installation service to achieve a positive change for your life. Today we are in constant movement, responsibilities and tasks, we just want to arrive and live the moment in our green space, which disconnects us from all the noise, is low maintenance, ecological and sustainable over time.


Balcons & Living Walls

Cover the walls and floors of your spaces with the best quality and durability. The trend of living experiences in green spaces is growing every day and it is that with our artificial grass you can easily see how we transform your spaces into a dream paradise, whether indoors or outdoors, our highly trained staff is here to provide you with the most innovative ideas.

fun and quality for everyone


The recreation of our children plays a fundamental role for their growth and development, with our artificial grass we can convert schoolyards or nurseries, tree houses, indoor or outdoor play areas, climbing walls, swing floors and slides, among others. in a safer space for them, free of insects and toxic products that may affect their health. Contact us for more information, we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary advice.


Sport Coutrs

The best thing about using our artificial grass for Sport Coutrs is that you will never see watering, maintenance, fertilizers, pesticides, even mud in your spaces anymore. The technology with which our solutions are designed seeks to match the appearance, texture and softness of natural grass but much more economical and durable. We can apply it on small or large scales, for residential or commercial spaces.


Fitness & Agility

Sports activities have joined this new trend every day, without a doubt it has become a total necessity. Our designs seek to offer a smooth, realistic and natural user experience. Despite being of high traffic, with the quality and versatility of our artificial grass you will be able to maintain green spaces with surprising durability and economy.


Free Estimate

If you want to have the best artificial grass, do not hesitate to fill out our form. We will be contacting you as soon as possible, either by phone or email to plan a visit and generate your project.